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Special Events


special eventFamilies will be invited to help share in our celebrations throughout the year, including birthdays.   A special birthday circle time and activity is planned for each child and the birthday child’s parents are invited to join us.  The whole class will prepare the food to be served at the birthday.  If you would like to bring snacks to school for your child’s birthday celebration, please contact Shaindel Raskin to find out where kosher snacks/products with reliable kosher certification can be purchased in Cyprus.  If you would like to donate a book or work to the classroom in honor of this special day please contact us.  A sticker with your child’s name will be placed in each donated book.  A small frame will be placed next to each donated work saying by whom and for what it was donated.

Field Trips

At Gan Menachem - Happy Days, learning is not restricted to the classroom.  Throughout the year our students take various field trips that enhance their learning in a very real way.  Some of our field trips include the farm, local zoos, Strawberry picking and much more. Parents are welcome to join on field trips and we encourage parents to e-mail the school about special exhibits and shows that are in town and age-appropriate for the students.  

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